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Now You Know My ABC’s… – A to Z of Running Part I

Thinking about incorporating running into your wellness plans? Not sure where to start? Well just like we all did way back in Kindergarten let’s go back to the basics! And there is no better way than the ABC’s of running!

Let dive in as I share some of my favorite ABC’s of running and how they can educate you on where to start and what to consider before lacing up those new shoes! So without further ado here we have Part 1 with A through M !


ATTITUDE – Having the right attitude or having the ability to change your attitude can be all the difference sometimes. Not every run is going to be awesome, or easy, or enjoyable. But if you can display a positive attitude it can dramatically alter your life and your runs.

APPS – There are countless apps available on your smartphone that can help you either track your mileage or give you tips and tricks to reaching your running goals. I have been using the same app for the past 5 years to track my miles and it’s a great tool to be able to look back at your progress.


BIBS – When it’s time to finally sign up for that race you will get that racing bib and safety pins! But remember to put it on the front of your shirt and not the back! I have collected every bib for each race I’ve run and take a stroll down memory lane sometimes as I look through them!

BOLT – Bolt, as in the amazing, incomparable, Olympics medalist Usain Bolt. The fastest man alive. Period.

ABC's of running


COURAGE – There will be times when your mind wants to quit and your body is trying to shut it down. That’s when I reach down very deep and tap in courage to carry me through. They say that all you need is 30 seconds of crazy courage and you can get through just about anything that life throws at you.

CHAFFING – Every runner has dealt with chaffing at least once!!! This C of the ABC’s of running is an important one! My recommendations would include finding the right shorts that fit well and using ample supply of cream. Chaffing is a huge ouch, but with proper preparation and being mindful you can dodge this painful bullet!


DOGS – Truly one my favorites on this list! I have run hundreds of miles with my dogs and they are truly my little co-pilots out there! If you want to start running your fur baby I recommend starting at a low mileage and slowly working them up. In no time they will be waiting at the door in anticipation as you are lacing up those Nike’s! I would suggest doing your research on which breeds of dogs are better inclined for running then others. We have two Jack Russell Terriers that are strong and full of energy and easily handle several miles, but not every dog is built for long runs, however.

DISTANCE – The first race I ever signed up for, trained towards, and ran was a 3 km race. I ran my ass off that morning and the energy of everyone  at the startline was intoxicating for me and I was instantly hooked! Regardless of what distance you run, whether it be a marathon or to the end of your block, be proud of your accomplishment!


EARBUDS –  I’m a music lover and when I run I crank up the tunes.   And trust me when I say that you need to find the right earbuds that fit best to not drive yourself batty while you are running and they are constantly falling out every 2 minutes! Purchasing the right earbuds will be time and money well spent!

EFFORT – Enough said. The results you want will reflect the true effort you have put forth.


FEET – Better take care of those tootsies as a runner! Don’t be surprised if you lose the odd toenail once in a while too!

FREE This is one of my main motivators for why I run. I truly feel a sense of being free out there that very few things in the world compare to.


GARMIN –  My go-to for smartwatches. You can shop for a wide variety of running watches these days that track everything from mileage and pace to your heart rate and elevation.  Prepare for the dreaded runner’s watch tan!

GUMP Find me a more inspirational runner than Forrest Gump. Nope, doesn’t exist. This movie gets me every damn time! He just felt like running!



HALF MARATHON – 13.1 miles or 26.2 kilometers to be exact. A true challenge for a runner that will test you in many different ways. I am fortunate to have run many of these bad boys and I knock on wood that I will continue to for many years to come.


ICE BATHS – WARNING!!! Not for the weak of heart!! Ice baths are proven to reduce swelling and assist in decreasing inflammation. But trust me when I say they are not easy!


JAM – Jam huh? You know Jam – as in this song is my jam! Listening to music while you run is either an absolute yes or a big no-no to others. I sit on the side of the fence as someone that loves to crank up my favorite jams as I run. Just be sure that if you are running on the streets listening to Jukebox Hero to not have it so loud that you can’t hear upcoming cars. BE safe and smart out there while rocking out!


KETOGENIC DIET – As I referred to in one of my previous articles that I credit much of my running success to adopting a Keto diet. Read it here.

My energy increased, my weight dropped, and I started seeing results that I never believed I would ever achieve. The benefits of a Keto diet are numerous and I would strongly encourage you to give it a try!!

We run a ketogenic 101 program often designed to get you into ketosis quickly and start to feeling better and stronger immediately. Check it out here.


LEGS – You will need to look after your legs as you begin your running journey. Be sure to incorporate stretching into your routine to look after your calves, hamstrings, and quads. Loosen up your ankles and knees and definitely invest in a foam roller for maximum relief effect on those sore muscles.

LOSE WEIGHT – With some consistent running, disciplined meal planning, and adequate hydration you are bound to see some pounds start to fall off! Running has definitely helped me to keep my weight in check over the years and keeps me feeling younger and lighter on my feet.


MEDALS –  Bling baby Bling! The moment you get that race medal placed around your neck is always special! I’ve kept all of – ABC's of runningmy race medals over the years ( see photo ) and I display them proudly!

MARATHON – The grand daddy of them all!! 26.2 miles or 42.1 kilometers of what the hell did I get myself into here!? I have been fortunate to have completed a few full marathons over the years and from personal experience I can honestly say that it was the training and commitment towards the marathon that was actually harder than running the race itself.

There are several months of training involved and you need a lucky horseshoe to not experience any significant injuries along the way. But without any doubt, training for and finishing a marathon was one of the highlights of my running career!

Running a marathon isn’t for everyone. In fact, only 1% of the population will complete a marathon in their lifetime. So if you are in the 99% club you are actually in the majority on this one! But hey, life is short so don’t be afraid to set your goals high!

Find Your Own Alphabet

Remember of course, that these resonate with me and were my selections, but you will certainly find your own ABC’s of running that impact you directly!

I encourage you to read my second upcoming article on Part II of running ABC’s focused on N through Z!  Read that article here.

Keep running my friends!






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