“The first step is the hardest – making a commitment to yourself, for yourself.” – Mary Kay Ash

Life can be hard I get it. There seem to be so many forces working against us sometimes that you might be inclined to say “What’s the use in even trying if I’m just going to get shoved back down again?”. There is no magic bullet in finding success or living a happy life, but there can be something to be said about how you view your motivation and properly apply it that may just make the difference.

I can’t lay out all the steps to finding and keeping your motivation in one article, but let’s explore some of the basics around motivation and a few life hacks that I use in order to find success. Having trained for and completed 19 marathons so far I have definitely had to learn how motivation works and how to best tap into it!

Embrace Your Push – Embrace Your Pull

The way I view Motivation ultimately comes down to two distinct types – Either you are being PULLED towards something or you are being PUSHED towards it.

Let’s take wellness or weight loss as an example here.

Your motivation might Pull you as you envision what a healthy body would feel and look like and the draw of these benefits are like a magnet pulling you towards them.

Or perhaps your motivation may Push you as you want to be healthy and strong for your family and friends and feel the push towards wellness based on this motivation.

Whatever it may be it’s important to recognize whether its a push or pull motivation and embrace your WHY and lean into it. Use this as your compass to help guide you towards its most natural ways that you become motivated and maintain the motivation.

Becoming Motivated / Staying Motivated

Here are few of the tips and tricks that I love to use to tap into my motivation and just as important KEEP motivated!

1. Set your goal AND make it public.

I find this method highly effective to help stick with a goal, stay motivated, and see it to the end. When you verbalize your intent and speak about your goals to your friends, family, or spouse you lock into a deeper commitment then you ever could if you simply keep your goals only to yourself. Try this on a smaller scale to see how it looks and feels. Start with smaller reasonable goals with specific actions you plan to take in order to complete them.

Studies have shown that your chance for success can increase tremendously when you commit in this manner. It’s similar to the Laws of Attraction here. Tell the universe your intentions…

2. Don’t do it alone.

Yes, it will ultimately be you that is the driver of your actions but to think you are better off alone in your attempts couldn’t be more wrong. Sometimes the encouraging words from someone you admire or love can be so powerful that it can drive your motivation to succeed into overdrive. Tap into this!

My wife and I ran a Half Marathon a few years ago together and trained for several months. And while the training was not at all easy, we were there for each other along the way and helped to motivate one another as required. The result was a wonderful experience that we shared together and some shiny medals hanging from our necks after we were victorious in our efforts and crossed that finish line!

3. Sign up for a 30-Day challenge

Whether it’s a fitness goal, giving up alcohol for a month, committing to a Ketogenic diet, or learning something new every day, if you find something that you are passionate and committed enough to do a 30-Day Challenge it can be very powerful and motivating. Imagine being 21 days in the challenge and the motivation you would feel to get to day 22, 23, 30! You simply wouldn’t want to stop now!

I am 20 days into a 30-Day Challenge to meditate every day. I wanted to learn more about stillness and working towards a healthy mind and thought that a challenge would be the best way to dive into it. As the days carried on I would get more excited and energized for that next day to come!

What would be something that you could commit to doing for a 30-day challenge? Give it some very serious thought and start with Day 1 – I doubt you will be disappointed with the results!


Weather the Storm

Undoubtedly there will be times when your best intentions, regardless of how well planned out, will still backfire. The difference lies however in whether you stay down when life drops you or if you get back up and keep going. Think about your habits and life experiences and look deeply into your amount of efforts and motivations surrounding them.

Your motivations will change and shift as you experience new and unique challenges and grow from the ups and downs that life throws your way. Lean into what comes at you and don’t be too hard on yourself if your motivation wains from time to time. Sometimes you simply are too busy driving to stop for gas so step back once in awhile to make sure you are properly looking after yourself.

Keep your chin up my friends and remember:

“It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it.”  –  Amelia Barr

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