50 Keto Recipes for Foodies

Sharing REcipes that I ate to lose 45 lbs in 8 months

Recipes that promote healthy living & Weight loss

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Why I made this Keto Cookbook for Foodies

I spent 8 months doing keto all wrong. 

I turned to google on “how to eat keto to lose weight” and my feed was filled with lazy keto recipes, that in the end continued to keep me full of inflammation and water-retention. 

I only lost 2 lbs in 9 months when I first started.

Can you imagine how frustrating that was for me?

I wanted to quit!  Just another “diet” that didn’t work for me…

But then I stumbled across an Instagram ad in December of 2016 that literally changed the keto game for me and I started to lose weight instantly.

Fast forward to today, I have lost 45 lbs living a healthy ketogenic lifestyle and I have maintained my weight loss eating recipes that I have compiled for you in this cookbook.

Don’t make the same mistakes I made. 

Start eating whole foods with healthy fats to accelerate your weight loss today. 

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Fresh Ingredients

You love keeping it simple and so do we! This cookbook features easy to find ingredients that are available at any grocery store.

Support Healthy
Weight loss

Don't worry about gaining water-weight or inflammation with any of these recipes. You'll continue losing weight and eating great!

Easy To follow

All food instructions are easy to follow, so you don't feel overwhelmed when preparing the recipes. Eating keto should be simple and fun!

these delicious simple and fun recipes support healthy fat loss

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"These are some of the best tasting keto recipes I've tried and I love how the nutrition information is calculated for you."
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"I have tried a few of the recipes and they are delicious! I was excited to try some new meals but was worried that my weight might stall, but I have continued to lose with eating your recipes. I can't wait to try more!"
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Every recipe I have tried so far, I love! I have eaten the Broccoli Shrimp Aldredo 3 times already! it's become a favorite of mine. And I am still losing while incorporating your recipes into my meal plan."
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"Oh my gosh! So many super easy recipes that are quick to fit into my busy life. I didn't need to run out to buy special ingredients to make them. The best part is that even my non keto family members enjoy them too!"