Keto While Travelling

Keto While Travelling

I am about to take off next week for vacation for an entire week and I was running through all the things in my head that I need to pack to ensure I am successful and stay fat fueled on my holidays. Keto while travelling is such a good topic.

Which got me to thinking that this is a hot topic and one that I think a lot of us ask ourselves or are challenged with when we start keto. That vacation that you have been looking forward to for months and you hadn’t planned on being keto but now you are and you are doing amazing, the fat is melting off you and you feel fantastic!

You are excited about this trip but you do not want to ruin all the hard work you have put forward and your progress. So what do you do to stay keto while travelling?

You Stay the Course

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean that you have to do anything different from what you are doing now. In fact, eating out doesn’t need to be stressful at all. Follow these principles while eating out and you should be just fine:

  1. Ask for what you want and don’t be afraid to tell them what you don’t want. Most restaurants will do their best to accommodate you and what you might think is a big ask, really isn’t.
  2. You can keep it simple by ordering food like:
    • Bacon, Eggs & Avocado – hold the toast
    • Burger – hold the bun & ketchup & add bacon & mayo
    • Cobb Salad – ask for a high-fat dressing, hold the croutons
    • Club soda with a wedge of lemon or lime
    • Deconstructed Club Sandwich – hold the bread
    • Chicken Wings, traditional – Salt & Pepper or straight up Franks Hot Sauce
  3. If your order comes wrong, send it back! This is your health you are talking about and you don’t want one meal to throw you completely off
  4. Call ahead to ensure they have a menu that can be altered to your dietary needs

Be Prepared

Now that we have the eating out at a restaurant part covered, let’s talk about being prepared.

Keto While Travelling

At any given time you can ask to check my purse and you will find keto approved snacks at my fingers tips every-single-time. It is important to set yourself up for success.

I have been caught at restaurants that literally had nothing on their menu I could order. I think this is rare and more the exception but it has happened to me a couple times. Now, my husband knows that, at this part in my keto journey, I won’t settle and we will typically just leave, but in my early days of starting keto, I would order a soda water and eat whatever snacks I had packed in my bag.

I was definitely not happy about it and I had a sour look on my face and grumbled about it for days after, but thankfully being prepared avoided me having to cave and eat something that would stall my progress and make me feel gross.

So, you ask what’s in my purse? Depends on if I am out of the house for a couple hours or for an entire day, but things you will find in my purse are nuts, pepperoni sticks, guacamole mini cups, dark chocolate, peanut butter packets, stevia packets and baggies with MCT Oil Powder for my coffee!

These days, I have actually gone as far as upgrading the size of my purse, so I could carry around my collagen and MCT oil powder in their original containers with their scoop vs. transferring it to a baggy. I have made messes everywhere I go with powder on desktops and in the car.

I am not nearly as upset about the mess as I am about wasting all that yumminess!

I highly recommend packing to set yourself up for success. Another great item you can add are those mini tuna tins with flavoring and oil. They sometimes contain sugar but there are brands that don’t contain them and those are perfect because you have protein and fat and essentially no carbs.

Start Your Day Right

I practice intermittent fasting but when I am on vacation I don’t tend to worry too much about eating windows. I figure the routine is completely off anyways and it is really just a time to relax and enjoy yourself. However, one thing that I always do while traveling is start my day right with a high-fat coffee before leaving the hotel for the day.

This normally consists of me brewing a coffee in the hotel room and then adding an MCT emulsified blend and my MCT Oil Powders from Perfect Keto. By filling my body with healthy fat first thing in the morning, it keeps me stabilized and I can normally hold off from a meal for a while.

This helps me from starving if we happen to not eat lunch until late in the day and I am not grabbing for the first thing I see, which could be my step-sons french fries that might come to the table first!

This might be my #1 priority when I think of staying keto while travelling.

I think it is more important, and I share this will all my clients when going on vacation, to stay fat fueled and in ketosis, than it is to worry about carb counting, macros counting or calorie counting. I always say just enjoy yourself and take a break from number counting and weighing food and just be for the duration of your holiday. After all, you know you have switched your lifestyle to being ketogenic, therefore you know you will get right back where you left off when you get home.

Be Active & Hydrate

The other thing I think is important to mention when traveling is if you happen to be flying somewhere, your hydration will be compromised if you just drink your normal intake and often we just forget to drink our water altogether because our routine is off. I am pretty sure I read that you should drink 8 ounces of water for every hour that you are in the air, to make up for the water retention that flying causes.

I think it is important as a rule, every time the flight attendant asks you if you want a beverage, ask for two glasses of water, no ice to maximize the amount of water you are getting and just keep drinking. The other way you can do it is to spend the money and buy a 1 L bottle from the convenience store before boarding and that way you are all set.

I have actually drank all my water I bought and asked the flight attendant if they would fill up my bottle and they happily agreed.

Where the activity part comes into the equation is the fact that on a travel schedule, your workout just might not make the cut on your itinerary. How can make sure you stay active? Here are a few tips:

  1. Take the stairs – regardless if there is an escalator or elevator nearby, make it your purpose to ALWAYS take the stairs if given a choice, and that is at your hotel also!
  2. If it is safe and manageable, walk instead of taking a taxi or Uber – great way to get your steps in
  3. Wear your step meter or use your phone and track just how active you were throughout the day and don’t put your PJ’s on until you hit 10,000 steps
  4. Book a hotel with a pool and get your laps in before you enjoy that well-earned vacation cocktail!

Not That Difficult

That sums it up. These are simple tips that you can incorporate into your vacation schedule with just a few small tweaks and a mind shift to stay keto while travelling.

Consider these few tips next time you approach your next vacation.  Remember, it should not be stressful, you have earned the right to relax and enjoy yourself!


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