Keto Coffee – All the Rave!

What’s a buzzword that you hear a lot of in the ketogenic community and it is often driven by the word bulletproof foods that people are making? What word am I talked about? Let me ask you this, what is the most iconic piece of the keto diet?

Certainly, you might have a few things that pop up in your mind but I have got to say it is Keto Coffee. 1000%. I was thinking my prior comment about bulletproof might have given it away. Did it?

But if you are like me, you need something more simple and I can’t possibly pack my blender in my purse! Making a keto coffee is usually quite a production – and it’s confined to the kitchen counter and a power outlet. Also, the instant keto coffee products that are currently on the market use awful coffee and an absurd amount of powdered fat.

The other products I have found on the market proclaiming to be healthy coffee for a high-fat diet are also full of chemicals still and they don’t blend that well. They will claim that you just mix in a hot beverage, stir and go but you still end up with oil on the top of your drink and your lips end up pretty greasy and shiny!

That is why I was thrilled to come across Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powders. These rock star powders dissolve in any liquid, hot or cold and they are delicious!! Chocolate or Caramel are by far my favorite. I know this post is about keto coffee, but can’t help but share where my obsession started with Perfect Keto and all of their products!

Keto Coffee

True to Perfect Keto’s standards, they just released the best keto-coffee-on-demand solution and it is all the rave!

It’s not just coffee. It’s a way to turbocharge your productivity, lift brain fog and support ketosis. Perfect Keto Coffee is packed with powerful antioxidants and energy-boosting caffeine (60mg). The MCT oil brings rich, satiating, brain-boosting, focus-promoting fats to the table, making this the perfect way to start your day.


They have hit all the highlights bringing you the following three:

  • Mocha
  • French Vanilla
  • Plain coffee

Who should use this?

  • People on the keto diet
  • Busy parents
  • Professionals and students
  • People who want a better, all-natural afternoon pick-me-up
  • Frequent Travellers
  • Starbucks Addicts who want to cut their spend in half and enjoy a product that is cleaner for your body
  • Everyone on a low-carb, high-fat diet that enjoys healthy fats in the form of liquid


People are always pimping these keto products and the ingredients are questionable but coming from a place where I MUST know what is in the food I eat because of my gluten and dairy allergies, I always want to focus on the ingredients because they really all important.

People talk about lazy keto and doing whatever works for you, but I don’t buy switching to a ketogenic diet and still filling your body with crap! So enough of my rant, I am excited and thrilled and over the moon to share with you that the ingredient list on this product and all of Perfect Keto’s products are clean and high-quality.

Ingredients: MCT Oil Powder, Caffeine, Organic Spray Dried Coffee, Acacia Fiber, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Flavor & Stevia Leaf Extract

Pretty clean! and don’t you love that you can pronounce all the words on the label and they are not all science-e?

If you do end up buying these, let me know how you enjoy them! Comment below.

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