Fabulous After Forty – My Road to Wellness

“Take care of your body – it’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

So this is 40 hey? Not as bad as you thought or is the struggle real trying to recapture the sunny side of life? Regardless of how you view life one thing cannot be disputed, however – LIFE HAPPENS so you may as well learn how to survive in this world. By the time I had turned 40, life had happened to me many times in fact which can be hard to feel fabulous after forty. Having lost both of parents would rank right up there. Trying to fight fat after forty was another. I had to take a step back and reevaluate who I was now, what were my habits, and how did I want my life to look going forward.

We all need to look after ourselves as years start to pass – both for ourselves and for the people that we love and depend on us.

Let me share a few of my favorite paths to wellness that you may want to (re)consider!

Get Outside!

There are very few places in this world that can add an instant boost quite like a splash of sunlight across your face and slight breeze through the trees. Breaking yourself from the routine of leaving work staring at a screen to coming home to stare at another screen is one of the best decisions you can ever make. Pick up that remote and turn off your TV, throw on your running shoes and take your dogs for a walk around the park. Your body, mind, spouse, and dog would agree!

I’m not saying you have to climb a mountain or run the Boston Marathon. This is more about a conscious decision to spend more time with nature and reconnect with your outdoor you.

Be in control of your body and not at its mercy. And hey, don’t forget sunscreen!

Free Your Mind

It wasn’t until I was in my 40s that I started to put more of a deliberate focus on mental wellness.

In particular, the positive effects of stillness and clarity I’ve gained through consistent meditation. In my working life, I chose a career that has very busy days with numerous activities to track and manage while all the while trying to keep my anxiety in order.

My industry is packed full of A-type personalities, coworkers with personal agendas, and a dependency on playing the corporate game just to survive. Too many years of high stakes, high stress, and impossible deadlines were taking there toll on my psyche.

Fatigue had become the norm. I stumbled across a meditation program that peaked my interest and thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a try.

After a few weeks of 5-minute meditation sessions, I graduated up to 10 minutes and eventually to 15 and all the while I was learning to harness into the benefits of meditation and ease from the chaotic work life I was living. It was challenging at first. I didn’t know what I was doing or what the outcome would be, but I kept with it and I started to enjoy it more and more.

If meditation isn’t your idea of a good time, simply disconnect, find a quiet place with no interruptions and be still and quiet for a few minutes.

Get Your Passport Ready!

fabulous after forty

Where have you always wanted to visit in this world? Where have you always wanted to return to? If these questions need answers than packing your suitcase just might be what the doctor ordered!

The advantages of traveling can literally blast out of your comfortable little bubble in a powerful and beautiful way. To immerse yourself in a new culture will teach you more about yourself than you could possibly imagine.

We traveled to Thailand a few years ago and it was a truly magically journey full of new experiences and self-revelation. We loved it so much that when we asked ourselves the question above “where do we want to return to?” We decided Thailand and packed our bags and headed back in April of this year. They say that traveling will always give back more than it ever could take and I couldn’t agree more

Long flights and crowded airports not your scene? How about a good old-fashioned road trip then? Whether it’s planes, trains, or automobiles I highly recommend that you get out there and see the world.

Maybe Jane Fonda Was Onto Something

As the years have passed I’ve also become more inclined to stretch much more often. In my early years I would scoff at the notion but nowadays stretching is a no brainer (I know, I know, I’m a slow learner!).

Whether it may include stretches in the morning to start your day, before or after a run, or getting in some yoga, add some stretching somewhere in your 40-year-old repertoire. Even better would include adding some weight training but one step at a time!

This is all about feeling your best, so adding just a few scheduled stretching sessions into your week should be a must!

Feel Fabulous After Forty by Fueling your Body With Health

That saying that you are what you eat is so true after we pass over my our mid-thirties, where you start to see last nights binge drinking and eating on your hips or belly the next morning. It’s not your imagination, it is often happening my friends.  Fueling our bodies couldn’t be more important than right now.

Choosing to fill your pantry’s with boxed and canned foods isn’t going to make you feel your best and you are better than that.  Spend the majority of your next visit to the grocery store in the outer aisles where all the vegetables, meat, eggs and fats are.  Then once your cart is full. duck into the inside aisles to grab your staples like coffee, avocado oil, canned coconut cream and canned tomatoes.

If you are thinking about changing up your diet, try out Ketogenic 101 Program – you will start feeling like your best!  Click here to learn more.

Embrace Your Wrinkles & Laugh Lines

Wellness can be subjective in many ways, but some proven go-to’s cannot be questioned.

Staying in touch with good friends, learning something new, drinking more water, giving your time to volunteering and a few select others are excellent ways that your overall wellness can be vastly improved.


Taking things in moderation and working on letting go of the past are a few of my recent attempts towards mental wellness. Each of these takes time, patience, planning, and action but it’s your amazing life and you are the Captain of this ship, so take control, take a deliberate focus on your overall wellness.

The road to wellness is not easy but it’s the most important journey you can ever take.

Smile more – laugh more my friends. Because feeling fabulous after forty is a thing!


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