Best Protein Bar & it is Sugar-free

I couldn’t be more excited about writing this blog post for you to share my experience with finding the best protein bar on the market!

I would consider myself pretty dialed into the ketogenic community and what keto products are out and about and available for consumption.  Majority of them I would say are super expensive unfortunately due to “keto” being the buzz word.

I am actually starting to see products like bagged peanuts with the word “Keto” in bold on them. Well, of course, peanuts are considered keto! Duh! But then we will have to get into the conversation about the fact that there are not “keto” and “non-keto” foods, but this post is about candy bars, ops! I mean a sugar-free, amazingly delicious best protein bar ever!  I promise I am not kidding.


So I may as well jump right into what the best protein bar is and not make you wait any longer.  Drum roll, please… Let me introduce you to Built Bars.  Have you heard of them?

They are these chocolate covered protein bars that are filled with this caramel texture protein inner. Watch this video of me eating one for the first time.  Mind Blown!

And they have a flavor for every taste bud out there.  I go into detail on the flavors below and just recently they launched a cookies and cream (yum!!). They are innovative but most importantly they are a clean protein bar that is not loaded with sugar.

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Why is it the best protein bar?

Majority of protein bars on the market right now are LOADED with sugars.  I am talking upwards of 40 grams of sugar per bar just to make it taste good.  That is way too much sugar to be consuming in a day, let alone a snack.

The thing about the protein bar market is that at one time protein bars were used mainly in the fitness world, where people were consuming them pre and post-workout.  Which is the best time to consume a protein product that is filled with sugar’s, because sugars are carbohydrates and you can use those carbs to enhance your workout and you burn them up with exercising.

However, in today’s world, people are picking up protein bars and eating them as a snack in-between meals, almost like they would a candy bar. A candy bar isn’t a good option either but most people at least know they are not eating something healthy when they eat a candy bar.  I feel that often people see protein bar on the label and think they are consuming a healthy product.  Sadly not.

best protein bar

What do built bars look like for nutrition?

  • Only 110 Calories – so truly are a pure protein bar
  • 15 grams of protein
  • 3 net carbs per bar – so not loaded with any sugar.  They are sweetened with Erythritol which is a natural sweetener that does not impact your blood sugar.

The Ingredients

Whey Protein Isolate:  Whey protein isolate was chosen for the bars because it is a complete protein, which means it has all the essential amino acids, it has high digestibility, and a mild taste.

The isolate version we use does not contain casein or lactose, which are the components of milk that some people are allergic to. Very few individuals are sensitive to whey protein isolate.

Fiber:  Maltodextrin:  The source of fiber in the bars is included to help with the texture and add to the health benefits. The two main categories are soluble and non-soluble fiber, which has to do with whether they dissolve in water. For textural reasons, they use a soluble fiber for ease in making the Built Bar.

best protein bar

They also use it so they could avoid using fiber like Inulin that get processed and broken down by your gut flora which causes a lot of people intestinal gas and discomfort.

Sweetener: Erythritol:  They used erythritol because it is a sugar-alcohol and almost none of it is used by the body for energy.  Because of this, it effectively has zero calories and yet it’s extremely well tolerated by most people’s digestive system.  It is the number 1 sugar alcohol used on sugar-free and ketogenic diets because people can digest it.  No like Maltitol that causes awful stomach discomfort for most.

Chocolate: Dark: best protein bar
Built Bar is coated with a high-quality dark chocolate which is the source of all the actual sugar in the bar. This chocolate is more expensive than chocolate compounds which are commonly used in nutrition and snack bars. These compounds typically have more carbohydrates and chemicals which they consider undesirable.  Again, keeping the bar low in carbs, hence why I think it is the best protein bar!

The Flavors

Built Bar

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What flavor don’t they have?

I have personally tried:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Double Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter Caramel
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Banana Cream
  • Caramel
  • Orange Cream
  • Pecan
  • German Chocolate Cake

And if I had to choose, and I MUST state my favorite, I would have to say that the Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate and the Mint Chocolate have stolen my heart!  They are truly AMAZING!!

I love them so much and I have sent so many customers to Built Bars that they gave me my own discount code: LyndsayB10 to share with my friends and family, so I am sharing it with you!  Just click my link and the discount will be applied automatically for US and add it manually for Canadian’s – and free shipping is automatic for both countries:  My Link

Which flavor are you going to chose?

:best protein bar

If you try them, please comment below and let me know how much you loved them too and what was your favorite flavor!

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In Good Health,


51 thoughts on “Best Protein Bar & it is Sugar-free”

  1. As much as I would like to eat Whole Foods all the time, but in reality it is hard to come by when I am on a road or driving for business trip. Most of the bars that I come across claims to have this and that but it tastes like powder and it’s wheat and sandy taste. 

    Built bar sounds delicious. I will definitely have to try the caramel and the German chocolate cake! This is so exciting. I will give pecan a chance as well. 🙂 

    Thanks again for the review, will let you know how it goes. 

    1. Great to hear from you!  I agree, most bars you find on the shelf are gritty and just loaded with crap! I am glad you found this article!  All of the bars I have tried are delish but there are so many more on their products page including raspberry, coconut, and vanilla!  Looking forward to hearing how you like them!

  2. This keto diet has truly become a big hit. I was on a ketogenic diet 16 years ago but it wasn’t like this at all. It was all organic and based off fats and oils but at the same time, one had to create the food and it had nothing to do with today’s keto. I remember being on it for neurological purposes. 

    1. HI Linda – thanks for your comment! Yes I do believe keto was much different 16 years ago and was truly a keto diet back then, and what it was intended for.  Today’s market has found alternatives for everything, which I don’t mind of course!  but It does get a little out of hand with all the products out there.  When I learn about a good healthy clear and inexpensive product like Built Bars, I like to share it with the masses 🙂

  3. Lyndsay, I loved reading this post! The protein bar you wrote about looks like the bar I definitely want to eat on the go. The moment you ate that peanut butter one, I felt a little jealous (lol). But I believe you, that must have been delicious!

    These bars look so good, and healthy too. Considering its sugar-free and not as bad as other bars on the market. I’m glad there are other options out there, such as Built Bars. Man, my mouth is watering right now!

    Thanks for sharing- what a fun article to read!

    1. haha!!  #sorrynotsorry!  thanks for taking the time to comment.  These bars are so awesome and when I come across something healthy and CLEAN, I make sure I do my part to ensure the masses know about them.  These are also not expensive, so I feel that much better sharing because I know everyone can afford them. Some keto or specialty products are just so expensive!    Hope you try them and enjoy them!  Do the peanut butter one! 😉

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article with us, this protein bar is really my favorite .Being a sugar free, I eat this bar a lot .The thing about the protein bar market is that at one time, protein bars were originally used in the fitness world and people accepted them as pre- and post-workouts. I use these carbs to increase my workout .They are sweetened with erythritol, a natural sweetness that does not affect my blood sugar .It has high digestibility and a mild taste. Personally I like the taste of banana cream and to me it’s the best protein bar .

    Lastly I would like to say that everyone will be very happy to read your article and find the best protein bar of their choice and share their new experience with you soon.

    1. HI Shanta!  thank you so much for sharing this information with me and everyone! so glad you are eating these bars and enjoying them.  The Banana Cream one is off the hook and if you like that one, definitely try the Banana Nut Bread – it was a special launch but they were a hit and received such good feedback, that they are coming in on their full selection – yay for us!!  thanks again for sharing your experience with these amazing best protein bar!

  5. What a great introduction to this product!  Not only did you describe them in a way that makes them sound delicious, but the fact that you have tried the different varieties gives credence to the product you are selling.  Aside from all that, you broke down the nutritional information quite well.  The video is a nice touch!  This is something I would try!  

    1. thanks, Jim!! I really appreciate your kind words and that you enjoyed reading my review of this product. I am such a foodie and when I find a good quality product that is clean and inexpensive, I literally want to tell everyone I know!  This one meets that category!  Glad you enjoyed!

  6. I love protein bars! I rarely get a chance to sit down to a ‘normal’ breakfast so its these protein bars that really keep me going until I do get a chance. Which doesn’t usually happen until quite a few hours later! 

    These protein bars look and sound delicious, I hope they sell them in the UK! Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. awesome Hollie!  I don’t know if they are in the UK, but their site will let you know.  They are only available online to keep costs down, which I so respect that in this company.  Enjoy if you do get your hands on them!

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us. I have been going to the gym for almost 7 years. This sport has taught me to eat healthy and take care of my body. I want to tell you that protein bars are my favorite. I prefer to eat before 1 hour of my workouts one protein bar.
    It helps me a lot to have the energy I need for training.. Do you think there are protein bars that also contain creatine?

    1. Hi Nimrodngy, I am a big fan of fueling my body with a protein bar pre-work too!  but even more, so post-workout, but i get more out of eating them before. Maximuscle makes a creatine protein bar but I need to be honest with my opinion, they taste and texture is like chalk.  You are better off to eat a clean protein bar like this and drink your creatine on the side like you are probably already doing.

  8. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. The caramel and German chocolate cake is really something to look forward to.  I am really excited that I have something new to try I trust I won’t be disappointed with the taste. Thank you for this really great post. 

  9. Wow keto diet has really grown to worldwide recognition I was once on a keto diet and I tell you every day was like a nightmare for me but I must tell after those months on a keto diet my life changed for the better as I lost although excess fat and weight that i never needed.

    1. absolutely!  Keto is taking over, but I believe it is not good for everyone, some people can process carbohydrates and if they can and they don’t carry excess weight, I see no reason to restrict food groups. I personally sneeze and I can weight around carbs, so this is the best lifestyle for me 🙂

  10. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I eat a lot of these extras because of the excess sugar free.And this bar is one of my favorite dishes.This time I use it to increase my body balance because it contains natural sweeteners which does not affect my blood sugar.And to me this time, the pills have looked very healthy.After reading your article, everyone will be able to find the best additions to their favorite and share new experiences with you.

    1. awesome Shariful, thanks for sharing your insight here! it is much appreciated.  Aren’t these bars just awesome!! I love that companies care about people’s nutrition. You have to search for them but when you do, I can only help that people will share this information with me.  Enjoy them!

  11. Most protein bars in the market are filled with sugar and that is a big turn off for me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love protein bars but I had to cut them off following a recommendation from a nutritionist. Now, I must say, this built bar clearly makes a great alternative to the rest. I can’t wait to try it out but I’ll have to consult with my nutritionist. Thanks for sharing 

  12. Sphiwe Dubandlela

    I love protein bars, they play a huge role to me as na athlete and endurance runner. It is true that people these days are not just taking them for workout purposes but as a snack. When I travel long distance High Protein Lite bars becomes a key component of my diet.

    One thing I like about the ones you talking about here is that they don’t have sugar, I can’t handle sugary stuff especially when running long distances.

    I will check these one out and see if my dietician approves

    1. Good idea to share with your dietician!  I net they will be impressed with the nutrition.  I am prone to grabbing protein bars for road trips also, or when I fly, so these are perfect for any trip!

  13. Wow, Best Protein Bar & it is Sugar-free! I can’t believe it.
    Hi Lyndsay.Thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing article. I love to eat bars, but ever since I do on a diet, I have stopped eating bars. But I am very happy now because I can eat bars from now on because it is sugar-free. These bars look so good, and healthy. I will try all the flavors. But especially I will definitely try the Double Chocolate Mousse and the Peanut Butter! This is so fascinating. So I am so excited to eat these bars. Thank You so much for sharing this article. I am going to bookmark it. Good luck!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful article with us, in fact I love protein bars because they are sugar free and delicious, I eat this bar a lot during long trips. I think this protein bar will not affect my blood sugar. And I encouraged my friends to eat, they liked it too. Of course I will be eating German chocolate cake and I will share my new experience with you.

    Finally I want to say that other people will eat and love it after reading your article and finding the best protein bar. Again i want to say i love protein bar very much.

  15. This keto diet has truly become a big hit.. These bars look so good, and healthy too. Considering its sugar-free and not as bad as other bars on the market. I’m glad there are other options out there, such as Built Bars. Man, my mouth is watering right now. Built bar sounds delicious. I will definitely have to try the caramel and the German chocolate cake! This is so exciting. I will give pecan a chance as well.

    1. Thanks Harish!  I promise you will be happy with any flavor that you chose.  They are just that good!  I enjoyed the peanut butter post-spin class this morning.  I swear I am dreaming about these bars!  Enjoy them!!

  16. Hello Lyndsay, thank you for sharing this amazing protein bar. It is indeed the best protein bar in the market today. It’s really incredible to see that this protein bar does not contain sugar, wow! This makes it healthy to consume. Moreso, I love as there are different flavours we can choose from and have a great time eating these best protein bars. Built Bar has really done a great job making this protein bar.

    1. Thanks MrBiizy!  appreciate you taking time to write!  I agree, all the different flavors just takes it over the edge to being that much more awesome!!  a lot of companies only have a couple flavors! 

  17. Lyndsay, I loved reading this post! The protein bar you wrote about looks like the bar I definitely want to eat on the go. The moment you ate that peanut butter one. The thing about the protein bar market is that at one time, protein bars were originally used in the fitness world and people accepted them as pre- and post-workouts. Personally I like the taste of banana cream and to me it’s the best protein bar . Thanks for sharing your awesome guide. 

    1. Thank you so much for your input Parveen, I love that you have tried and endorse this bar! To be honest, I have not met a person who doesn’t love these bars after they try them.  They really are the best protein bar.  I appreciate you taking the time to comment!about:blank#blocked

  18. A sugar free protein bar? Wow I am so accustomed to not consuming sugar over the years so I not go near protein bars and candy and several others but this is stunning. I have never heard of this, judging from your video and details I can bet its super delicious and I will take your word for it not having sugar. I will do well to put in an order for this product. Protein is good for my health and I don’t do sugar anymore so getting this would be ideal. 

    1. Thanks, Samikingss, you are so ahead of the game with cutting sugar out.  I went sugar-free about 4 years ago and I do not miss it.  In fact, I feel the best I have had in my life.   Glad you like my article!

  19. Hi Lyndsay thanks so much for sharing this review on the best protein bar. I’ve had so many gross tasting protein bars over the years so it is nice to find one that should taste good :). I also like that there is no sugar in them. I have a problem with sugar and salt, I love them both! Thanks for sharing!

    1. awesome Nikki! I am glad you found my article too! I watch my sugar and salt consumption too – both have so many other names that you need to be careful when reading labels. Thx for your comment!

  20. Hi! Aren´t we all interested in watching our weight?  It certainly seems that way. I found your best protein bar article fascinating.  My gym seems to be full of people having protein shakes and eating protein bars after a heavy workout.

    The built bar looks and sounds amazing.  I´m a diabetic so it sounds good. But what about Erythritol is it safe? Will regular consumption of this impact on my health?  I trust Stevia, are there any bars that have that as a sweetner?

    1. Hi Trevor, thanks so much for your comment. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol and it along with Monk fruit are safe for consumption with no known side effects.  They are similar to stevia in the sense that they do not impact blood sugar and they do not cause issues with digestion.  Those are the only 3 sweeteners that I will use (Stevia being the third).  So I only know of one other keto bar that is as clean as Built Bar and that is the Perfect Keto keto bars, but they only have 9 grams of protein, however that is good if you are following a ketogenic diet. 

  21. Thanks for posting  this amazing article. This protein bar is one of my favorite bar.  It is a good bar and is sugar-free. I am eating this bar so much. And I love it. I love Flavour, Double Chocolate Mousse, Mint Chocolate, Orange Cream. This bar doesn’t affect our blood sugar. That’s why I like protein bar very much. Thanks for sharing your awesome article.

    Thank you

    1. thanks Alam!  I love that you love them as much as me!!  thanks for sharing your recommendations for flavors. ~ Lyndsay

  22. Yum, these sound so good! I love finding protein bars that are low in sugar but still have plenty of protein and tastes great. I typically prefer the chocolate flavors but I might just have to try orange cream – that sounds so interesting. I’m not as sure about banana cream…but will trust your recommendation. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. Thanks Katie!  that is funny you say about the banana cream because I too was a tad nervous that I would have that fake banana flavoring but it took me back to my childhood of eating banana popsicles.  Did you ever have them? My mouth is watering just typing this haha!!  thanks for your comment 🙂

  23. Hello Lyndsay, I must say that this review is very helpful and informative. I heard about Built bars but I wanted to do a little research on it. I am glad I stumbled upon your article because you gave some very useful information about these bars. I tend to train every day so this brand could definitely help to improve muscle mass.

    1. HI Danijel – totally agree!  with them being a pure protein, they truly are the perfect fitness fuel!  This are the best protein bar on the market that I have come across!

  24. Hi there, very informative post with regards to how much sugar normal chocolates contain and I am a chocolate junkie. Its true what you said people read protein bar on the label and eat it as a snack and I am one of those people lol, very bad habit.

    I would have loved to try the protein bar but I’m not in USA or Canada

    1. aww too bad!  well, hopefully, you can find a similar bar where ever you live in the world!  hopefully, more countries will start rolling out healthy options!  Thanks for your comment!

  25. I do a lot of hiking because of the great weather in California.  Light, filling snacks are things that are as important to me as water.   As I get older, I seem to get hungrier on hikes… maybe I need more energy.  Anyway, your description of these bars seems thorough.  They do sound delicious.  I think the orange cream might end up being a favorite of mine.  Thanks for the article.  I am going to look around for these bars.

    1. awesome Anastazja!  Thanks for stopping by and sending a comment!  Much appreciated.  These are such a great fitness fuel bar – can’t speak highly enough of them.  As far as I know, the only place you can find them is online.  Lyndsay

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