Importance of Collagen on Keto

The Importance of Collagen on a Ketogenic Diet

What is Collagen and why do I need it?  What product is the best?

I am going to review all of this information with you and make sure you know the importance of collagen on a ketogenic or low-carb diet.

My biggest concern for people when they start a ketogenic diet is that they turn to google for research (I do it too!) but are met with conflicting information and in fact, false information about the keto diet. 

I would go as far to say is that a lot of people start keto by diet alone and are not educated on the essential minerals and vitamins that you need to supplement with to get a balance diet to ensure you live a long and healthy life.

Collagen is one of those essential proteins that is in your bones, skin, nails and hair.  

Here is the scary part, you Reduce producing it over time and unless you supplement with it, your percentage in your body reduces drastically, especially after menopause for women.

Let’s get into the importance of collagen on a ketogenic diet.


What is Collagen Exactly?

Collagen is protein that makes up one third of the protein in the human body.

Sounds important right?

This protein is the supporting structure that keeps your body together. For example, elasticity in your skin – that’s collagen. Nail strength – that’s collagen.

You can certainly do more scientific research on collagen in the human body, but for me, I like to keep it to layman’s terms.

It is essential in your body to keep your body moving without aches, to keep your skin tight, and reduce wrinkles.

Now, supplementing with collagen isn’t a miracle pill, it isn’t, going to avoid aging, that is just silly, but it is going to help with making aging more tolerable for you over all.


Why Should I supplement with it on Keto?

Your body produces less and less collagen as it ages. 

Women following menopause are highly at risk of low levels of collagen production, and collagen is what keeps the body together remember?  It even helps to protext vital organs like the kidneys.

Now, where does the importance of collagen on keto come into play?

Collagen helps to repair damage in the body and it helps to reduce inflammation.

7 Proven Benefits of Taking Collagen:

The standard diet that most of us were raised on was full of foods that caused quite a bit of damage to our guts and brain function.

If you read about damage sugar does to brain and what is leaky gut – I bet you can related to these symptoms.

The ketogenic diet is high in fat and moderate in protein, which means that you are not getting a ton of collagen in your diet naturally.

In fact, because your body reduces its collagen producing over time, you would never eat enough of it in a diet to get enough. That is where supplementing comes in.

Now, back to the importance of collagen on keto.  At first, it is essential to supplement with it because it helps with the repair that you are going to do on your gut and organs, you are essentially going to go through a detox of what trouble the standard north american diet did to your body.  

Collagen is going to help repair your gut, reduce inflammation and it is also going to help keep your skin strong as you start to lose weight.

What Product is the Best?

I have taken many forms of collagen over the last few years and there are a lot of products on the shelf that are acceptable to use.

You want something that is almost pure, meaning check the ingredients for counter-intuitive ingredients like maltodextrin. That’s just going to keep you full of inflammation.

I have tried biovine products and also fish collagen – always unsweetened so I could add it to any beverage or recipe.

Yes, that’s right, you can bake with it or add it to any sauce or soup recipe.  

You are always going to one to ingest collagen through eating or drinking.  Science and evidents show that Collagen in creams and skin products, including hair products are not as effective as ingesting it orally.  Evidence shows that Collagen is too tough to absorbed properly through the skin – so don’t waste your money on skin products.

Overtime I have settled on my favorite Collagen product, which is one you drink.  It’s called Liquid Biocell Pure.  You can read about it by clicking here.

Liquid BioCell® Pure is the super nutraceutical with award-winning Liquid BioCell®, an ingredient that is clinically shown to promote healthy, active joints and younger-looking skin. My gift to you is $10 free off your first purchase! Just click this link.

The one constant feedback I get from people when they see me, or see before and after photos since going keto is how much I look like I have age reversed, which is an incredible feeling!  I want to make sure I am taking a high quality product that will continue to support my health journey as I age.  

No going back now!

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A Ketogenic Lifestyle coach with 3.5 years of experience in the industry. Passionate about healthy fats and exercise as a sustainable way to live life and stay healthy. Lyndsay’s goal is to bring health information to the masses through proper diet and nutrition advice. 

Lyndsay is also a wife, mother of 2 step-boys and 2 very active Jack Russell Terriers.  Foodie, Family, Fitness are her three F”s in life… oh and Fat! (Healthy Fat that is!).