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Despite a lifelong struggle with multiple food sensitivities, gut health issues, and yo-yoing with the same 30-40 pounds, I am determined to be enthusiastic about food! Since discovering the ketogenic way of eating I have healed my body, lost the weight, and am eating the most delicious meals to have ever touched my taste buds. LyndsayMullaney.com was founded to help busy women take the guesswork out of low-carb, high-fat living so that they can achieve whole body health from the inside out.

As a Ketogenic Living Certified Coach and a healthy food enthusiast, you can expect to find tasty fat-fueled recipes and expert tips on helping you on your journey to optimum wellness.


Dairy and I have never gotten along, and gluten was not good for my gut either. An episode of salmonella poisoning – that led to an overgrowth of salmonella on my vital organs – helped me go sugar-free. Dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, training and running for half-marathons – I should have been in stellar shape! But somehow, it was just the opposite; I was completely exhausted all the time and struggling with being overweight. That insidious five-pound-per-year weight gain since my early 20’s was destroying my body confidence and self-esteem.

In a quest to drop the weight and gain more energy I researched every diet and health trend possible. I went vegan, vegetarian, Paleo. I tried drastically reducing calories and upping my activity. The result? I gained 10 pounds and completely burnt out my adrenals.

As an executive in a demanding corporate job, missing work or falling asleep during important meetings simply was not an option. In an effort to keep my job and restore my health, I spent thousands of dollars working with different health professionals trying to fix my “broken” health.It’s a good – yes, GOOD – thing that none of these “fixes” worked because it inspired and empowered me to become my own health advocate.


Determined to look, feel, and BE better, I devoted my spare time to researching the root causes of my health issues and finding a cure. In 2016 I came across an article that had me nodding my head in agreement as I read each word. Insulin, protein, healthy fats, and gut health – the key players in weight loss and energy! Yes, I want to regulate my blood glucose levels! Yes, I want to cure my leaky gut! Yes, I want sustainable energy! Yes, I am ready to lose these 40 pounds!


This was my all-in moment, and I proudly share with you that, as of today, I have lost 40 pounds, balanced my hormones, healed my gut, and have more energy than ever! My skin, hair, and nails look incredible, and I sleep like a rock at night. Gone are the days of starvation diets and fearing meals. I feel fantastic and am finally enthusiastic about food!


Are you nodding your head in agreement? Are you standing now, exactly where I was just a couple of years ago? If so, then take heart! There IS a solution, and it is my life’s mission to help educate and empower you on your own journey to healing, health, and loving life.

You are supported now, and always. Let this be your “all-in” moment” and reclaim your health!





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  1. This is a great website, really like the reason for setting this up. I hope your passion really brings other people into the fullness of life that you are experiencing.

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